WINNING ENTRY TO BE AWARDED $3000 +GST (if applicable)

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Submissions will consist of a detailed description of the proposed artwork, with sketches or other visual aids that help communicate the concept and physical presence.

Materials, technique and colour palettes should be described, so the essence of the artwork to be created can be fully imagined.

Please also supply background on the inspiration and thought process involved in executing the competition’s theme. Please supply some photos of other 3D art that you have created already, although you will not be judged on those. It is to get a sense of your style and materials. All entries in the competition must be received by midnight March 23rd, 2018. Entries can be emailed or delivered to Casa Del Vino or Parker Gallery on or before this date only.

The theme of the competition is WINE. There are many interpretations of the myriad of aspects of wine, ranging from the visual beauty to the history, flavors, and traditions. Other aspects of WINE as a theme to consider are the social implications and effects of WINE, the combination with food to create the art of dining, the production challenges, and the farming of vines. Wine has permeated civilization for thousands of years, and its place in society is important. However, it is not necessary to take it seriously all the time either. Art that incorporates humor, or thought provoking messages, movement (kinetic), or visually stunning technique is encouraged. Fun irreverence toward wine is also encouraged.

Maximum dimensions of the submitted artwork are below, but it need not be a large scale piece. The selected sculpture will be free-standing to be suitable for window display (ie. not wall-mounted).

180cm height
120cm width
50cm depth

Since this is a regional competition, artists living in the Top of The South are eligible to enter. That region includes artists working and living in the Nelson, Tasman & Marlborough districts.

A judging panel will decide the winner of the competition based on the written submissions. The panel will consist of Casa Del Vino owners and Parker Gallery owners. The winning artwork becomes the property of Casa Del Vino. After announcing the competition winner, the artist will have six weeks to complete the commissioned artwork, which will be exhibited in the Casa Del Vino display window, with appropriate information about the artist and the competition. After display in the Casa Del Vino window for two months, the winning artwork will be displayed at Parker Gallery and will be available to purchase by interested parties.