Aqua Ingravitas

AQUA INGRAVITAS - jose g. cano

13 October - 3 November 2017

Aqua Ingravitas is an exhibition by Nelson-based underwater photographer, Jose G. Cano. The show features photographs and a video installation which is the result of his collaboration with outstanding contemporary dancers from New Zealand.

His exhibition of large scale photographs is a reversion of the accepted path, from the conceptual to the form. Jose first lets the form emerge as a realisation of the Archetypes that populate his reality, his mind and his life. He silences his thoughts and lets the form appear and take a life of its own. Isolated from the world, in silence and darkness, these pure forms manifest themselves; serendipitous, unrepeatable, freed of the confusing and chaotic environment of our lives.

Aqua Ingravitas acknowledges the visual and aesthetic Catholicism of Jose G. Cano's childhood, the time passed in Baroque churches full of angels and saints, of Madonnas and goddesses, the Renaissance bodies telling mythical stories of humanity, dreams and fears.

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i'd rather go home hungry - dan campion

27 July - 17 August 2017

Following a two-year hiatus, Dan Campion aimed to create works for his exhibition “I’d Rather Go Home Hungry” that explore avenues of pure graphic representation and formalism with no personal shadow or narrative cast.  He wanted the typical ‘self-invested’ narrative to take a back seat to a hard-lined, conceptual and graphic series of paintings. He was hoping to question the role of the artist using the process of a mechanical approach. However, after a while he started to ask whether it was possible to prevent the artist’s mundane and everyday dramas from permeating its way, invited or not, into the finished work.

Campion explains, “With the content resolved through the formal confines of the methods I’ve employed, I’ve asked questions along the way such as how present does the hand of the artist need to be, to be considered a work of art, and where does the distinction lie between the art and craft dichotomy.” Regardless of his original intention, in 'I'd Rather Go Home Hungry', Campion presents some of the most personal work he has achieved to date.

Yellow Yellow Poster FB.jpg

yellow yellow - lee woodman

22 June - 13 July 2017


Various fibres have been worked to produce artefacts which conjure memories of childhood stories, while thread in its simple form is grouped and scanned to produce imagery which embraces the natural properties inherent within.

An installation of thread and rock responds directly to the specific space, showing thread in multiples punching well above its weight.

The use of a line en-masse follows on from previous studies, only this time with the use of colour. Although Yellow Yellow is all overtly all about yellow, the adherence to only yellow and black in essence still offers a monotone palette.

At this time of year, Yellow Yellow is intended to be an injection of visual Vitamin C.


lifesaver - sally reynolds & maggy Johnston

25 May - 15 June 2017

What are we doing to our planet?

By transforming plastic waste into attractive sculptural artworks, I highlight the huge amount of plastic that is used in today’s society and the fact that most of this material ends up polluting the environment or is buried in landfill sites.

It is time to act and demand that plastic use be severely reduced. Linda Weintraub, artist and theorist, is of the belief that artists are in the privileged position to highlight issues that are threatening the sustainability of the environment and to put pressure on governments to make the necessary changes in order to improve the health of our planet.

Colourful?  Quirky? Beautiful? You decide. However, collectively, it is time to make a stand. There is no magic lifesaver